Coolsculpting Nj

Coolsculpting Nj

Coolsculpting allows active, healthy people to freeze away the troublesome pockets of body fat that seem immune to diet or exercise. This is done through a method that freezes fat cells in the body. These damaged cells are then removed by the body, permanently eliminating them. Our minimally invasive coolsculpting delivers dramatic, balanced results by targeting just the pockets of fat you want gone forever. This patented method uses no needles, scalpels, or stitches and leaves no obvious scars, a crucial detail for a picture-perfect tummy. CoolSculpting is safe, effective and minimally invasive, so you can return quickly to your busy, active lifestyle without downtime or discomfort. During your coolsculpting treatment, the areas treated are covered with a gel pad or a gel and applicator. Some applicators use vacuum suction to draw the tissue into the applicator cup. Then, controlled cooling is delivered to the tissue. You may feel coldness or temporary sensations of mild pulling, stinging, pinching, tingling, or cramping. However, these sensations dull as the area becomes numb from the cold. The sensation is mild enough that many patients find they can read or even sleep through their sessions.

The coolsculpting system is quickly becoming a favorite among our patients of all ages. When most people think of stubborn pockets of fat, the “love handles,” belly roll, or saddlebags come to mind. However, coolsculpting is the first treatment method to be FDA-cleared to eliminate fat in 9 unique parts of the body:
  • thighs
  • Bra fat
  • Abdomen
  • Upper arms
  • Sides (flank)
  • Under the chin
  • Below the jawline
  • Underneath the buttocks (banana roll)
  • Have learned that fat is sensitive to cold, therefore by treating fat pockets with coolsculpting, you can expect a permanent reduction of the density and size of fat with no scars, surgery, anesthesia or downtime. You can finally treat that stubborn pocket of fat that will not respond to diet and exercise. Those wanting to contour large bulges, and those wanting to perfect their body after liposuction are great candidates for coolsculpting as well.

    Are my coolsculpting results permanent?

    Yes, your treated fat cells are actually destroyed and will not return. Everyone is born with a certain amount of fat cells. CoolSculpting actually permanently destroys about *20% to 25% of fat cells in the treated area. If, however, you gain weight again, the remaining fat cells in the treated area will likely expand, but they won’t have some of their “brothers and sisters” to expand along with them as in the past. Our master providers are all experienced with using coolsculpting's cutting-edge technology. We are excited to offer coolsculpting as part of our effective non-surgical body contouring treatments to give you a trimmed, toned and sculpted body.

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